Going Full Time on Offering Solutions

Sep 16, 2017 reading time 6 minutes

Going Full Time on Offering Solutions

I am delighted and excited to announce that at the end of September, I will end my employment with my current company and will work full time for my own company “Offering Solutions Software GmbH”. Read reasons and thoughts below.


I quit my job to push my own company and to push Swiss Angular (“SwissAngular”) – which is a project from Damien Bowden and myself – as well as mycsharp.de and plan to spend more time with OSS, talks and community contributions in general. I will also work for customers helping them building better software.

What is the situation right now?

One year ago, I founded my company. I did not spend much time developing this because I had a full-time job, which I wanted to fulfil to everybody’s satisfaction. With time, I noticed that I cannot combine talks, make OSS community contributions in general and do my day job and so I had to decide. I could take my everyday job and let go of my own company or I could take the step into the unknown and try something new, giving my own company a chance.

I made the jump and I am currently heading towards something completely unknown. I wanted to do one thing only but that with 100%. I did not want to investigate in my own company half-heartedly anymore.

I don’t know what is coming towards me in the next weeks, months. Maybe this is the worst decision ever. Maybe I will fail. But I want to take the risk and try it. I think that in a couple of years, when times goes by, I will be glad I tried it no matter how this turns out. Maybe I will be employed again in some office in a year or so. I think I will fail at some points. But maybe something will work out and I really can help people with doing what I love and – if everything works fine – I can pay my bills with that. I really don’t know…which makes me even more exciting about the upcoming time.


With my company, I want to consult customers and give courses about Angular and ASP.NET Core. I want to have more time to contribute to OSS as I think this is the future. I would like to have the time to contribute to the community from which I am receiving so much every day, push SwissAngular and be there for everybody posting at mycsharp.de. I want to spend time on my own repositories, learn even more new stuff every day to blog and – if I get the chance – maybe talk about it at usergroups or conferences.

In the end…

The truth is that I love my job and I love what I am doing. I think that trying to fulfil a dream cannot be wrong. But I think it will be different & harder than I do expect it right now. But I am really looking forward to these exciting times.