Announcing ASP.NET Core WebAPI PacktPub Video Course

Aug 13, 2017 reading time 5 minutes

Announcing ASP.NET Core WebAPI PacktPub Video Course

I am very proud and really happy to announce that my video course “RESTful Web services with ASP.NET Core” was published on Packt. You can find it here:

With ASP.NET Core you can build cross platform web apis which I am describing in this course. We dedicated this course to beginners who want to get started but are trying to cover many topics too. All of this is done with Visual Studio 2017. We are going from File – New Project until the deployment in the end.

What this course covers

Section 1: Basics

  • The course overview
  • Exploring the REST principles
  • Getting to know ASP.NET Core
  • Exploring the .NET Command-line Interface

Section 2: Exploring ASP.NET Core

  • Creating a new ASP.NET Core project using Visual Studio 2017
  • What is middleware in ASP.NET Core?
  • Exploring the configuration of ASP.NET
  • Working with different environments in ASP.NET Core

Section 3: Building the First Endpoint with ASP.NET Core

  • Creating data storage with the Entity Framework Core
  • Creating the first endpoint
  • Adding and updating data
  • Partially updating and deleting data

Section 4: ASP.NET Core WebAPI – The next steps

  • Formatters and Content Negotiation
  • Enable logging
  • Validation
  • Introducing API documentation
  • Adding paging, sorting, and filtering
  • Versioning your API
  • Authentication

Section 5: Deploying Web API

  • Deploying your WebAPI on Azure through Visual Studio
  • Deploying your WebAPI to a Docker Container


I could not get this done without some people around.

I want to thank Damien Bowden for reviewing this course. Without him, his feedback, criticism and discussions this course would not be what it is now. Thanks a lot mate (not only for this course).

Next person to thank is Benjamin Abt. In one skype call or another he was there to discuss a lot topics and questions I had. Thank you very much mate.

Last but not least I want to thank my girlfriend for supporting me while I came from work and went straight to the computer recording until late at night spending almost no time with her. She had to be quiet most of the time and never complained taking over the private things in our everyday life which I normally do. I think without her I could not have finished this course. She fully understands my passion and has my back all the time. Thank you!