Recent Speaking Activities

Mar 06, 2018 reading time 4 minutes

Recent Speaking Activities

In this blog post I want to recap my recent speaking activities and provide you some short information and slides to have it all in a go.

Basta! in Frankfurt

I spoke at the BASTA! Spring 2018 in Frankfurt two times. The first talk on Wednesday was about Cross-Platform development with Angular, Cordova and Electron. (Althought there is this ‘PWA’ standing in the room ;-) ) we took a look on how to create applications with Angular a bit and porting them to mobile devices with Cordova and to the desktop with Electron. Angular really is doing a good job there providing you a factory pattern with which you can distinguish between the platforms and you can inject the services you need for this particular platform. You can see the slides of the talk here:

Basta Picture 1 Basta Picture 1

The second talk at the BASTA! was about the modern web toolchain. There we went through all the tooling and all the frameworks and tools you probably have to face if you are getting started with web development nowadays. You can get the slides for that right here

Microsoft TechSummit 2018

The last talk so far was at the Microsoft TechSummit 2018 in Baden. I had the honor to speak about a very interesting topic “From Zero to Azure with Angular” in which we will take a look at how to start your angular application right, where the pitfalls are and how you get everything under control. In the end we deployed the app to azure to get it running online with a build and a spearate release pipeline.

So I will be present on at least two conferences more this year which are the AngularDays in Munich and the BASTA! in later 2018, so maybe I will see you there.

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