TechDays 2016 Baden

===== UPDATE======

I got the feedback from Microsoft and my talk was rated with 4.5 in Content and 4.6 in Speaker Performance. This means it was rated as the best Talk at the TechDays. Im really happy to read that so thanks to everybody who was in the audience :)


Hope to see you again on some events.




I am so happy to announce that I will speak on the TechDays 2016 in Baden for the first time! I never expected Microsoft to ask me about doing a presentation at this event but they did :) And so I got a slot in the afternoon of the 1st of March. I know this is the last slot of the day and also the end of the TechDays this year but I will do my very best to give you a great technical and entertaining fade-out of this event.

The talks is about Web development with Angular2 in combination with SignalR and we will have a demo working on ASP.NET Core 1.0. I will hold it in german.

I know the title shows “ASP.NET 5” but the ASP.NET-Team did the renaming after I gave Microsoft my title. I will mention that in my talk but to know: We will of course work with ASP.NET Core 1.0

DamienBod (many thanks to him at this place) and we will take a look at some pitfalls I discovered and how to avoid them.

Hope to see you there! Looking forward to this!


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