I wanted to mention that you can find me on GitHub from now on. I am available on GitHub with my personal profile.

I want to publish all my repositories I do code like new trials, hands-on-anythings and examples which will kick you off to get started with what the repository is about.

In every talk I do I will always refer to this repo so that the audience can code what I did in the talk right away.

Feel free to do pull requests and contribute on what I coded.


Find me on GitHub

Sometimes you will find a “_gitAssets”-Folder in my repos which are not for holding anything code specific but they hold pictures or anything used in the readme markdown. To ensure the repository is complete I would like to host them directly within the repository.

If anything is not working or not compiling at all please leave me a note because every repository shall be possible to get started right away.

You can also use the normal included git functionalities of issues and so on to report anything which is not working right away.

I will try to include all the required steps into the README.md file which is displayed in the repository itself.

Hopefully it helps anybody for a good start.

Enjoy and HTH


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